Blumine Island Sustainable Ecological Restoration Project

The Partnership

The Project
The People
The Process
Manaaki Whenua, Manaaki Tangata, Haere whakamua
Care for the land, Care for the people, Go forward.

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The Partnership

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The Untouched World Clothing Company Foundation has as a mission statement

To play a leading role in the creation of a world where each individual’s full potential is realised while assisting the planet to sustain its life force, diversity and ability to support future generations.

The foundation funds this project and several others through New Zealand, with the aim ofproviding young adults with a unique learning experience, developing powerful life-skills to maximize their individual potential throughout their lives and be inspired to lead the way in achieving a sustainable future.
Blumine Island is classified as a Scenic Reserve, and parts have Historic Places classification. The Department of Conservation is charged with the maintaining the bidiversity, historic and recreational values of the Blumine.
Department staff work closely with project participants to ensure that opportunities to enhance these values are maximised.

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The University of Canterbury's College of Education supports the project through provision of logistics. This is principally through the work of pre-service teacher trainees takin part in experiencial education and education for sustainability courses.
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The Project

The objectives of the Project include;
  • The sustainable restoration and enhancement of the biodiversity, historic, and human values of Blumine Island
  • Education for sustainability
  • Lifeskills development
  • Leadership development

Each groups spends 5 days (4 nights) camping on Blumine Is. and working on tasks that contribute towards the sustainable future of the island as a biodiversity, historic and ecotourism resource.

Following an introduction and familiarisation

Tasks undertaken so far include;

  • Cutting and maintaining a track system to enable access for conservation tasks
  • Monitoring for the presence of pest species
  • Monitoring of fauna and flora
  • Restoration and maintenance of historic sites.
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The People

Each trip includes 22-25 people.


Two students from each of the participating schools


One teacher from each of the participating schools per year (3-4 per trip)

Pre-service trainee teachers

Three or four pre-service teacher trainees from the Christchurch College of education


A representatives from the Department of Conservation

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The Process

For each trip the students must design and implement an actions plan to make best use of the resources available and to maximuise their sustainable im,pact on the island.

1. Research

What has happened in the past, what is the current situation, what could happen in the future.

2. Task identification

What can be done.

3. Prioritising

What needs doing in what order.

4. Action plan

Allocation to resources to prioritised tasks

5. Action

4 days of making a difference

6 Evaluation

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