What's in it for me?

Experience of (PD in)

  • experiencial learning
  • student centred learning
  • education for sustainability
  • environmental education

What's expected of me?

  • be part of the team
This is an egalitarian community (we are all on first name terms) with shared decision making. It is also student centred so we sometimes need to ride with the group decission and take leadership from any direction.
NB There is no expectation that teachers are required to 'teach' on the trip
  • duty of care
Registered teachers are expected to desmonstrate the same standard of duty of care and responsibility as would be expected in any classroom or LEOTC experience. This may at times take precedence over the egalitarian process.
NB The part will include people with the required LEOTC experience and qualification

How can I contribute?

There is probably scope for you to contribute whatever is your strength, interest or skill. Each trip is different and part of the difference is the variety of people and their talents.
  • Music
  • Drama
  • History
  • ITC
  • Poetry
  • Sculpture
  • Botany
  • Te reo
  • Tikanga Maori
  • .......

What should I bring?

Cold weather clothing including:
Polyprops (tops and bottoms)
Fleece/woollen jersey
Hat and Scarf
Warm weather clothing including:
Wet weather gear including:
Wind and waterproof jacket, Over trousers
Gardening Gloves
Sleeping bag
Sleeping mat
Plate, cutlery and cup
Toiletries – don’t forget sun block and insect repellent
Tramping boots and spare pair of shoes
Torch (including spare batteries)
Water bottle
Medicine if required (seasickness tablets, inhaler etc.)
Togs and Towel
Tents are supplied, but if teachers would like the privacy of their own tent they may bring one (there is room for a a few small tents)
Remember to pack everything inside a plastic bag in one backpack.

Pre-Service Teachers

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