Information for participants

Essential Gear List

Cold weather clothing including:
Polyprops (tops and bottoms)
Fleece/woollen jersey
Hat and Scarf

Wet weather gear including:
Wind and waterproof coat
Over Trousers

Warm weather clothing including:
Gardening Gloves
Sleeping bag
Sleeping mat (no camp stretchers please)
Plate, cutlery and cup
Toiletries – don’t forget sun block and insect repellent
Tramping boots and spare pair of shoes
Torch (including spare batteries)
Water bottle
Medicine if required (seasickness tablets, inhaler etc.)
Togs and Towel
Field notebook (an old execrise book will do)
Lunch for Sunday (if coming from Christchurch).

Remember to pack everything inside a plastic bag in one backpack.

Optional Equipment

Binoculars - for bird identification
Musical instrument
There will be no showers on the island, but there will be cold water to wash in.

Fitness training

The point of this information is to make sure the students are thinking about their current level of fitness. The Blumine Island terrain is hilly and steep in places, to ensure the students have an enjoyable experience they should all focus on development in this area. The following is only a guide to help students improve their current level of fitness (please disregard if the student is already undertaking physical training programme of a higher level). You can adapt the following programme to suit each individual student.

During the week: 3 walks lasting 30 minutes each
Weekend: 1 walk lasting 60 minutes, try to include hills

Plus: 1 activity of students choice 30-60 minutes ( continuous exercise to raise heart rate)
Eg, running, swimming, cycling, walking

  • Adding time to exercise activities (eg, 2 minutes every week)
  • Increase intensity (how hard you work) to ONE session a week
  • Add more hills to walks