Your Role

  • Logistics
- transport, catering, equipment
  • Camp routines
  • Facilitate icebreaker and reflections activities

Planning notes

  • Tents - check there is sufficient tentage for all party members
  • Dinghy - pump. ores, seat, lifejacket
  • Generator - fuel, oil, tool kit, spare spark plug, extension cord and multiplug -
  • Food


Icebreaker activities

Please be prepared to facilitate group activities to enable participant to interact and learn names on the first day

Some reflection activities (feel free to suggest others)

Land art
Use any items found on the beach to create a sculpture that represents the given theme
Others guess what it represents
The artist explains
A large image eg Magazine page, is torn into smaller components which are distributed amongst group members. individuals are invited to describe how their piece represents their feelings
Fit the pieces (people) together and explain the links between the peoples representations
Still Life
A group arrange their bodies in a formation which represents a significant event or theme
The others guess what it represents before the sculptors explain
Make a collection of items (natural, kitchen, clothing, anything) Each participant selects one and explains how it represents a specifies feeling, concept etc
Two people can use the same item as long as the explanation is different